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Online and In Person Tutoring Sessions

Session Options: 

50 Minute 1 on 1 Tutoring Sessions 

​​30 Minute 1 on 1 Tutoring Sessions 

50 Minute Group (maximum 4 per group)


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Orton Gillingham is used to teach reading and spelling, along with Lindamood-Bell's Visualizing Verbalizing program to help with comprehension.  Orton–Gillingham is a teaching approach designed to help struggling readers using multisensory techniques.  Visualizing and Verbalizing program teaches the use of imagery to improve comprehension and critical thinking.


Hochman Method (The Writing Revolution) method enables students to master the skills that are essential if they are to become competent writers. In turn, those skills equip students to become better readers, to communicate more effectively in writing and speaking, and most importantly, to elevate their thinking.

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MATH (K-6)

Lindamood-Bell's On Cloud Nine is used to teach foundational math skills by using imagery.

Stern Math is a structural arithmetic comprehensive program that teaches the foundations of mathematics and number sense.

Marilyn Zecher Multisensory Math 1 is a multisensory approach that uses concrete manipulatives to teach mathematical concepts, transitioning students through the representational (pictorial) level of instruction until they are able to deal only with numerals/numbers at the abstract level.


Now offering social skills and executive functioning workshops.  Groups will be kept small so your child has ample participation opportunities.  Please see the Workshops page for more information.

Online Studies
Implementation Planning


Sessions Include:

  • individualized planning and preparation for each student or each group session

  • all materials needed for the program are customized for your individual child or group

  • scoring, analyzing, and preparing reports for any standardized assessments utilized

​Assessment Package 

If you are looking to have your child assessed to see to exact areas your child needs support.  I will perform assessments in the areas of concern and create a report for you to share with your child's educational team.  I can also screen for dyslexia but cannot give a diagnosis.  

IEP/504 Review 

If you have a CSE or 504 meeting and you are not sure what to ask for, I can help.  I will review the documents (report cards and evaluations) that you provide

and give you a list of recommendations you can take to your meeting. This does not include in-person representation.

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