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"Mrs. Barbosa is a wonderful reading tutor. She tutored my five year old son for approximately eight months and in that time I witnessed significant growth in his confidence and his reading abilities. Mrs. Barbosa is kind, professional, flexible and patient. Additionally, she created a warm and nurturing environment that made my son feel comfortable." -A.Smith, New York

"Though I have no personal experience with this program, I am very familiar with Antoniette and her excellent capabilities as an outstanding teacher. I hired Antoinette as a special needs teacher. She was extremely effective, meeting the needs of each individual student. Her students loved her because they knew she cared, and they thrived academically. Under Antoinette's leadership I know students will be successful in this program!" - P. Smith, Florida


While working with Antoniette I witnessed her pedagogical knowledge base, especially in the area of reading, and importantly, her ability to show sincere commitment to the success of her students. -J. Felde, New York

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Antoniette Barbosa  has her own tutoring business! She was one of the teachers for my daughter in kindergarten and she tutored her over this past summer. This year so far, my daughter (only having been in reading lab this year, already got moved up to a higher-level reading lab that moves more quickly). I attribute her success to Mrs. Barbosa with getting her on track when she was really struggling last year in kindergarten.

In addition, I practice her sight words with her, I play sight word bingo with her and I have her read to me in addition to me reading to her.

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"I used Reading Results for my five year old son. He is now a great reader. My son used to hate reading now he loves to read. I am so happy with his progress. Thanks for the great tutoring and your dedication to his learning. - S. Camilleri, New York

With Mrs. Barbosa’s help, my daughter has blossomed into a reader, reading on grade level! When Alina first started lessons with Mrs. Barbosa, she was a struggling second grader and had started to show signs of dyslexia.  Not only did Mrs. Barbosa take the time to get to know my daughter but she built a relationship with her and created a plan for her.

She adapts lessons to Alina’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the curriculum they are learning in school.

When COVID hit, Mrs. Barbosa helped Alina adjust quickly to her virtual platform so Alina didn’t skip a beat.

Whether in person or virtual, Mrs. Barbosa’s lessons are fun, engaging and routed in proven, successful methods such as Orton-Gillingham. She pays careful attention to how Alina learns and confirms she has a concept down pat. My daughter’s favorite part of lessons are the customized games using her favorite characters!

Mrs. Barbosa has even helped me by giving me suggestions on how I can help Alina learn at home. It takes a village and I am so thankful that Mrs. Barbosa is part of our village!   

So now instead of avoiding any task that requires her to read, Alina is eager to read everything everywhere we go, whether it’s traffic signs or books to her little sister.

- K. Barone, New York