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8 Week Online Course

Learners will be able to identify syllable patterns needed for encoding and decoding multisyllabic words.

Understanding how words are divided into syllables helps with decoding and spelling. Knowing the rules for syllable division can students read words more accurately and fluently.

Knowing syllable rules:

- helps with decoding multisyllabic words

- provides clues about the vowel sounds in multisyllabic words.

Knowing how to divide words into syllables gives your kids POWER to attack those longer words!

Each week we will learn a new syllable pattern, while reviewing specific spelling patterns which make up syllable parts.

Students should have basic knowledge of letter sounds.

As we move through the class, certain sounds and patterns will be reviewed.

Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm Eastern Time 

Feb. 6: open and closed Syllables 

Feb. 13: closed syllables (vc/cv)

Feb. 27: silent e syllables (VCe)

March 6: r-controlled vowels 

March 20: vowel teams (vv)

March 27: open (v/cv) & closed syllables (vc/v)

April 3:  cle syllables

April 17: v/v syllables

$60 to register for all 8 sessions

$20 for each individual week 

* Printed handouts that will be emailed. Handouts will also be shared during  lessons.
* Writing utensil
* Paper or white board

Best for 10-12 year old learners

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